Complete Kitchen Exhaust And Duct Deep Cleaning With Rotary Jet Spinner And Flexible Poles.

Regular kitchen exhaust system maintenance, carried out by a cleaning professional, is vital for the safe and effective operation of every commercial kitchen. Without regular filter exchange, professional canopy and exhaust cleaning, thick fatty grease builds up, seriously impacting the performance of your kitchen’s exhaust system.


Kitchen exhaust cleaning (often referred to as hood cleaning) is the process of removing grease that has accumulated inside the Duct, Hoods, Fans and vents of Exhaust systems of commercial kitchens. Left un cleaned, kitchen exhaust systems eventually accumulate enough grease to become extreme fire hazards. Exhaust systems must be inspected regularly, at intervals consistent with usage, to determine whether cleaning is needed before a dangerous amount of grease has accumulated.
A unique Rotary jet spinner and Rotary fiexible poles is sent inside the duct by opening axis panel in the duct for removal of grease. The exhaust system is first scraped clean, sometimes scraping isn’t necessary,( if the grease exhaust system has been maintained properly) then it will be washed clean with food-safe degreaser chemicals and hot water pressure-washing. The dissolved grease and water will be safely collected at a possible place. The actual commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning guidelines are outlined in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The cleaning frequency depends on the type of food being cooked and volume of grease laden vapors drawn up through hood plenum, quarterly, semi-annually and annually.