Floor cleaning

Call iclean go green  today for the best local industrial cleaning, commercial cleaning, factory and warehouse ceiling cleaning, overhead cleaning services and high surface cleaning in Chennai. Let us be your overhead cleaning service and high cleaning company to clean up spider web, dirt, dust, cobweb, heat web, oil, grease, particulate matter, powder, metal dust and any other contamination. We will clean your ceiling, ceiling support, roof support, truss, pipe, conduit, duct, HVAC, beam, fan, tank, process equipment, ,  and any other industrial or commercial surface. Call us to clean your rack, shelf, I-beam, door, high wall, mezzanine floor or process equipment surfaces. We can utilize cleaning or sanitizing techniques such as HEPA vacuum cleaning, manual dusting with extension poles, High speed air blow down, high pressure washing, hand wiping, hand washing, power washing, steam cleaning, abrasive cleaning or chemical sponge wipe down. You can trust the experienced service divisions of iclean go green to provide the best cost-effective industrial cleaning and commercial.

Overhead Cleaning – High Surface Cleaning – Structural Cleaning Techniques

  • HEPA vacuum cleaning and industrial vacuuming
  • High speed air blow down
  • Manual dusting with extension poles
  • High pressure washing and steam cleaning
  • Hand wiping and hand washing
  • Abrasive cleaning
  • Chemical sponge fine particle wipedown