A clogged drain can quickly turn into a major problem for any industry or business owner. As careful as you may be about taking care of your drainage system, it is often inevitable that over time, debris and material will collect inside the pipes and block the flow of water. At i clean go green, our trained technicians can flush away clogs, and even mineral build up through quick and efficient methods of drain cleaning.
Soap scum, grease, and bits of food are regularly passed down our drain pipe. These eventually start sticking to the inner surface of the pipes, trapping more debris over time and slowly growing into an obstacle in the way of wastewater flowing down these drains. Chemical cleaners are a temporary fix that actually ends up causing long-term damage to your pipes. I CLEAN GO GREEN however are a better choice that can rid you of this problem in an extremely environmentally friendly manner.
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We use the latest technology to tackle your unsolved drain issues – our CCTV equipment acts as your eyes underground to spot the problem. Then we’ll fix it for you.
We offer a full line of hydro jetting to cover your drain cleaning needs. Make quick work of obstructions such as grease and tough roots with our range of jetting equipment. Our jetting offer the power you expect from a jetter in a smaller package for easy portability and use in tight spaces. . Our Hydro jetting offer the power you need and the durability you expect from I CLEAN GO GREEN equipment, so you can tackle whatever obstruction gets in your way.

How Does Hydro Jetting Work

After inspecting your drains through an access point, our technicians will tell you what sort of a clog you are dealing with and how large it is, as well as the best method for eliminating it.
Hydro jetting is the process of blasting a high-pressure stream of water through a special nozzle. Our technicians use the pressure of the rotating water that is being forced into the pipe to remove the toughest buildups and obstacles. On the end of the hose is a nozzle that directs water towards the interior walls of the pipe. As the hose pushes forward, the back flush of the water draws the debris out of the pipe. Our team is full of experts and specialists who are fully capable of using the hydro jetting equipment effectively.
As a result, Our hydro jetting technology is that the procedure also ends up cleaning out any bacteria that has built up in your drains. Removal of these bacteria refreshes your pipes and leaves them free from any pungent odors, keeping you safe from potential health hazards and infections.

Benefits of iclean go green

  1. Bio degradable products
  2. eco-friendly, nature and green
  3. green washing
  4. scientific methods
  5. international standards nozzles
  6. Using trained technicians

Machinery Details :

  1. Hydro Jetting Hot Water Machine
  2. High Pressure Cold Water Machine
  3. High Pressure Wash Machine 50lpm
  4. Stright Nozzel
  5. Rotary Nozzel
  6. 3 Way Jet Nozzel
  7. 6 Way Jet Nozzel


The environmentally friendly company is who moves through life with an awareness of how natural resources are used to create and support the life that they live. They recycle, conserve water and make other choices that not only lessen their impact on the environment, but also support industries that are working towards being more environmentally responsible.