Bakery Trays Cleaning

The processes use at I clean Go Green Bakery Tin Cleaning are differentiated from those used in the market and have a much less detrimental effect on the long term life of the tins/trays than conventional processes as well as providing a better finish.

The service is suitable for a variety of bread tins, French stick and pizza trays, muffin trays, cake tins etc. Commercial catering businesses have strict rules surrounding the standard of hygiene that is required to be sustained in order to reduce the risk of contamination. The Tailored  services are designed to cater for each specific area within the kitchen, aiding compliance and offering peace of mind that the risk of contamination is being managed in an environmentally friendly manner.

The iclean go green  team is highly experienced when it comes to the needs of the food industry, and works with restaurant owners to develop a commercial kitchen cleaning schedule that meets their unique needs and fits within their budget. Our services can be tailored to ensure only the areas you need are cleaned at the frequency you require!