Founded in 2012 , ICLEAN GO GREEN Innovative Technology in Deep Cleaning is an ISO14001 AND OHSAS Certified Company . we have built an outstanding reputation for specialist cleaning. Our professional and honest approach has helped us become trusted suppliers to countless local businesses as well as many companies. We understand the importance of building and maintaining relationships with clients, we achieve this by providing quality service with outstanding results as well as offering honest and helpful advice.

We are proud to introduce ourselves as iclean go green an innovative Technology in Industrial Deep cleaning. We are in wide range of sectors, industries, health care, hospitality, Manufacturing plants, warehouse, automobile, schools and college.

we offer a wide range of services that will help your business stay safe and efficient. our crew of service men work around the clock with the customers to ensure satisfaction. The services we specialize in we have carried out for years, the knowledge and skills acquired in that time at all levels of the company are invaluable. We believe we can achieve higher standards than most and offer an outstanding overall service.


To Strengthen our position as a leading player in the industry.
To be the leader in the cleaning industry by offering Quality
services of global standards, world class innovation
and quality product, trained manpower, infrastructure and expertise.


1. We treat our clients as our premium resources.
2. We provide innovative services to meet client’s needs.
3. We are committed in getting it right the first time.
4. We use environmental friendly products to ensure safe and healthy environment.
5. We care and promote environment protection.

We specialize in:

  1. Cobweb and dust removel with high pressure vacuum machine.
  2. Industrial roof and side walls cleaning.
  3. industrial floor deep cleaning with high pressured wash machine
  4. kitchen exhaust duct deep cleaning with jet spinner hot water machine.
  5. 5.any drain block removel with high pressure wash machine.
  6. Commercial kitchen deep cleaning with pressure wash machine.
  7. steam fumegation for rest room odor removel
  8. Diesel generator radiator cleaning

Our Moto: “Cleaning to protect health without harming the environment”.

We use modern cleaning equipment and specialty devices!
  1. Industrial heavy duty vacuum machine.
  2. Pressure wash machine
  3. pressure jet hot water machine
  4. steam generator machine.
  5. Air compressor machine.
  6. Kitchen exhaust duct spinner with rotary brush.


we care about sustainability, and are conscious that the products we use to clean & maintain your facility can have a lasting impact on the environment. We are experts at identifying the most effective & eco-friendly products for every unique cleaning & maintenance project. We strive to choose the most environmentally friendly products possible, to ensure the smallest environmental impact.

The cleaning & maintenance products we use at your facility will be custom tailored to meet your specific needs, including your regulatory compliance requirements. Depending upon the type of cleaning and maintenance services we need to complete at your facility. icleangogreen an tailored Innovative Technology will be happy to cater to all your cleaning needs and we look forward for an appointment at your convenience, to give detailed presentation of our services.